Monday, March 16, 2015


Added: I really should have named this "It's not easy being green" but I didn't think of it in time and am not going to change the title now that it's already posted!)

One year ago I posted a list of St-Pat's-green polishes (kelly or emerald green or something similar) and also in the same post, a much longer list of every green I could find that seemed to be readily available, whether it was anything like a kelly green or not. It's one of my most popular posts ever, actually. I was thinking about doing the short-list part again, but limiting it to somewhat lighter greens, more like kelly than emerald - but it turns out there aren't a whole lot of these, in general, and eventually after looking around for a while on nail-polish company websites, I got frustrated and stopped. As far as current colors, there are very few - OPI Jade Is The New Black is close, for example, out of things that are really widely available. Triple Shine Kelp Out ought to be easily findable, too, and I think is probably brighter. Essie and China Glaze and Butter London don't seem to have any such thing right now. There are a few more choices if you go darker, of if you were to find some polishes from last holiday season's collection, but in general, the bright-green pickings are pretty slim. (I stopped before I got around to most of the rest of the drugstore brands. Maybe Maybelline or L'Oreal or Revlon has something.)

Here are the few that I did find that seemed to be in the ballpark I was aiming for, at least:
Dolce & Gabbana Grass (although this is maybe a bit darker than I'd like)
Essence Colour and Go The Green and the Grunge
Formula X Lightning (which is a glitter)
Jordana Rich Green
Jordana Glitters Green Glitz
OPI Jade Is The New Black
Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Tough Luck
Sally Hansen I Heart Nail Art Pen in Green
Sally Hansen Triple Shine Kelp Out

I put on Misa Dirty Sexy Money tonight, and it would be on this list if Misa polishes were any easier to find - it's a hair bluer and a little more toned-down than the ideal, but again, it's in the ballpark. (I pulled the saturation down on this picture a bit, because it was taken in fluorescent light and otherwise the tone of my skin just looked too odd, but otherwise I didn't monkey with the color.)
Aren't military greens supposed to be in this spring? Because that's actually what this looks like, to me. Also this is only one coat, with no topcoat. I'm probably going to add a second coat, because this isn't so thick that it's a no-doubt one-coater, but I'm not at all sure it's necessary.

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