Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Stash: holos and a few strays

I have a few odds and ends in this installment, but mostly this is holos:
I never was as into the holo thing as a lot of people, so my stash is fairly modest here. You will see in the descriptions below why I'm not into holos, I suspect - the way I look at it is, people post these gorgeous pictures of them, and the problem is that they only look like that when the light hits them right. That usually annoys me. I'd rather have something less flashy that looks good all the time. On the whole, I have had better luck with scattered holos than the linear ones, I think.

That said, we start out here with a couple of duochromes, sitting sideways across the top:
  • Let Me Go (Sinful Colors) - it isn't really obvious in the bottle, but this goes on with sort of a mother-of-pearl effect. It's an amazing polish, especially for one that costs $1.99.
  • Goblin (ModPolish mini) - this is an olive and brown duochrome with a sprinking of holo glitter. It's very unusual, but pretty. (Have I talked lately about how much I love greens? With St. Patrick's Day around the corner now, I'm sure I'll have a festival of greens coming up soon, even if I haven't.)
under those:
  • Walker Bait - this is the big Dollish on the top left, I think it's actually the only full-size Dollish that I own, although I have a ton of minis. This was LE for the beginning of the Walking Dead season in 2013, if I'm remembering right. It usually looks more like it's silver in the bottle but it's more like an olive green, actually, and it's a holo and a duochrome, like the one above, although much flashier. (Who knew I had two of those? I certainly didn't.)
  • Kale (Chirality mini) - I have relatively few holos in general, but I sure have a bunch of green ones. I don't think any of them are dupes, though - they're all different. This one is one of my favorites, a darker green. I actually intended to go back and get a full-size of this, I like it that much, although I never seem to have gotten around to doing it. (mani from 2013)
  • (upside down) Ho Ho Holodays (Lacquer Lust) - a medium-green holo, lighter than what I would normally think of as a Christmas green. That's a good thing as far as I'm concerned, since "Christmas green" gets massively overdone every year at holiday time. (mani from 2014)
  • The Symbiote (Chirality mini) - gray holo - all three Chirality holos that I have have identical formulas, and they're really excellent.
  • Lizard Belly (Glitter Gal) - a dark-green holo with (I think) some duochrome shift to it. This is another one that didn't live up to the pictures for me, in the end. (mani from 2013)
middle row:
  • Black Illusion (L.A. Girl) - scattered black holo. Look it up if you're interested because I think this was dupe to a couple of other black holos. (mani from 2013)
  • Briarwood (A England) - an almost Marsala-ish color, a blackened red-brown scattered holo. Very pretty.
  • The Angels Have The Phone Box (Dollish mini) - Tardis-blue scattered holo, although here I'd say it's not the holo I care about as much as just the lovely shade of blue. I liked this enough that I ordered a second mini, so I'd have the equivalent of a full bottle. (mani from 2014)
  • Eternal Beauty (although it's unlabeled, as Color Club polishes often seem to be) - medium-to-light purple linear holo. This is one of the few linears that behaves reliably as advertised, I have to say.
  • Convergence (Chirality mini) - more scattered than Eternal Beauty, and a bit darker.
bottom row:
  • Morning Moneypenny (OPI Skyfall collection magnetic) - a raspberry-ish magnetic with scattered holo glitter. It comes with a sort of graphic slightly-tribal-looking patterned magnet (you will see swatches with diagonal stripes, but apparently that's not the magnet that it actually shipped with) - I had trouble getting this magnet to work properly, but that's the normal case with me and magnets.
  • Blood Of The Mountain (Pahlish) - a true blood-red holo - and I mean that in the sense that it's sort of rusty-looking. That bright holo effect in most of the pictures I've seen just never did materialize on this one, for me.
  • Naughty and Nice (from Polished by KPT, a thermal) - it's my one-and-only thermal, and it's pretty, but I am not wearing my nails long enough these days to get the full thermal effect, so it's basically a waste, for me. It's pink-shading-into-red, and pretty enough even without the thermal effect.
  • Redrum (Dollish) - another one in the "blood-red" family, but this one reads more as a rusty pink, and I have to say I like it better that way.
  • Sunset Flare (Serum No 5, which is glow-in-the-dark as is their specialty) - this was the first Serum No 5 I tried, and I really liked it. It's somewhere between pink and orange, and it's beautiful. It doesn't need to be in the dark to glow. (In fact I couldn't get it to actually glow in the dark, but I don't care.)

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