Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Playing with polish: Rollin' in the green

(My brain is insisting on putting the word "green" into the Adele song. I don't know if there's actually a "Rollin' in the Green" song out there somewhere - I wouldn't be too surprised to find out there was.)

I am definitely rollin' in it today, though, although I'm home today and nobody will see. I have on a green t-shirt (I'm pretty sure it came from Target a couple of years back and it's one of those fake-vintage ones with what I imagine is a fake-vintage roadsign on it). And I have no less than 6 different green polish combos on my 10 nails.

Backing up to the last manicure I posted, late Sunday night I put on Misa Dirty Sexy Money. And it was really pretty, but I did what I always do with cremes these days, just the same: I put something shinier over it. In this case it was OCC Chimera. I had worn it by itself once before, I think, and wasn't crazy about it because it's pretty pale (paler than it looks in the bottle), but I like it much better with the DSM base, it darkens it a bit without taking away the shiny at all.

I knew I probably wasn't going anywhere today, but the sun was out so I started experimenting and taking pictures. This is the Chimera/Dirty Sexy Money combo, but on the pinky I added ModLacquer Chupacabra.
I love this polish, and if I'd been thinking I would have worn this one as a full mani where somebody would see it because I adore it - a blackened green glitter. I really don't have anything else like it (and this is an extremely tiny mini, so I tend to hoard it).

Then on the thumb on the other hand (I actually did this one first) is Shuffle Green from Dear Rus:
I bought this when Llarowe put them on clearance - after Christmas, I think, so I haven't had it that long - and I really like it. Llarowe doesn't carry them any more but that doesn't mean this brand isn't available out there somewhere. Dear Rus is a Korean brand, I believe, so I can't read the label but I think its official name is #601 and I think I decided that Shuffle was a collection name, or something like that. This is two coats. It's green, obviously, and some gold - mixed greens but seems to lean a bit olive. I have to remember to wear this one out in public sometime!

Now we're back to the left hand and I've added Layla CE61 on my index finger. (601 and 61, this is why numbers are so confusing.) Layla polishes always seem to have a name, too, though, and this one is Ipanema Girl. It's noticeably brighter than everything else here, although I seem to recall that it's actually pretty sheer. This is only one coat.
(You can also see here that the existing mani is chipping a bit, which is partly why I'm so willing to do swatches on top of it - something I normally don't do at all.)

I hadn't worn Hipster Chick in a while, but it went on the (chipped) middle finger. Like Chimera, it's pale and somewhat sheer and looks better on me with something darker under it.
You can see - and I'd kind of forgotten - that it has scattered holo glitter in it. It's a really unusual combination. I just discovered Chick right when they were going out of business, seemingly, and I'm sorry about that, because I really like the polishes that I have. (And that tangerine-ginger cuticle oil, which is the best-smelling thing ever!)

One more, on the remaining thumb - Lippmann Shake Your Money Maker:
This looks green from a distance, but really I'd call it teal, with scattered gold.

(Did you wear green for St.Patrick's Day? If so, what?)

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