Saturday, March 21, 2015

Reva + Kimber & other NOTD

This is a combination I've used off & on for years, because I like these two polishes together better than I like either one by themselves:
Kimber is a bright pink; Reva is more of a strawberry pink. Kimber seems somehow slightly "too pink" to me and Reva seems slightly too orange. But when you layer them (Kimber then Reva), they magically cancel each others' issues out, or something like that. I really don't know what it is; I just know I really like them together.

You can see in the picture that this is wanting to chip a bit - I'd already had it on for a couple of days by the time I took this picture. Then I didn't get around to taking the old polish off that night (it's been a crazy week) so in the morning I just touched up the chips with the first polish I came across that seemed similar, which was Zoya Lillith (I'm not sure offhand whether they spell it with one L or two!) and then I put another coat of that on top. It's a much brighter pink than this - and I couldn't really see it in action but as I recall it has a blue flash to it.

And today I have on WnW Grape Minds Think Alike, which is one of the new reformulated WnWs that came out after Christmas. (I'm blank right now about what the line is called - not FastDry but the other one. I don't know if the polishes are actually new ones but the bottles changed, at least. Added: it's Wild Shine.) It's a fairly dark grape-ish purple - if I saw it without knowing the name I would probably call it burgundy.

And the other thing I have to say is that I ordered some Formula X polishes from Sephora, because they were on sale. It was two of the matte topcoats that I ordered - I think it was Boom and TNT. One was dark blue and one was periwinkle. I thought those would be fun to play with. These are my first Formula X polishes - I had let my budget build up a little, and I was poking around thinking I might just buy ONE, but then since they were on sale and I really thought those looked cool, I got two sale ones instead.

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