Saturday, March 28, 2015

Stash: microglitters vs foils

Because I honestly can't decide what is what, here. Many of these I think it would be fair to call foils, but not all.
top row:
  • Blackout (Revlon) - huh, either this is mislabeled or I'm confused, or maybe it's just that this is an older polish than I'd realized, because I haven't found anything online that matches this at all. It's a very dark blue, not a black as you'd be inclined to think. But y'know, just because it's not online doesn't mean it didn't exist. I have to remind myself of that occasionally. Added: Huh, I'm going to have to go back and see if my bottle says Top Speed - you can't see in this picture one way or the other - but Kaz of Pretty Random (the same Kaz who makes Pretty Serious polish), who is a big vintage polish collector, has a picture of Top Speed Blackout that looks like it might be it. The cap matches and everything.)
  • So Blue Without You (China Glaze) - this one I would call very definitely a foil, in bright blue. (more swatches)
  • (above those) unlabeled blue mini (from a set sold as "Color Theory" - I've long theorized that these are actually L.A. Colors polishes, but I don't know enough about that brand to be really sure)
  • Racy Green (Milani High Speed) - shimmery teal green. This is supposed to be a one-coater
  • Celeb City (Xtreme Wear) - chrome silver, really too shiny for my taste - but it's pretty.
  • The silver Ulta mini that has clearly been around the block a few times is Twisted Tinsel, according to my spreadsheet, although the print is so tiny I'm not sure if I've ever been able to really read it! - Silver foil, almost as bright as Celeb City, above.
middle row:
  • Not So Blueberry (Revlon Scented) - this is, guess what, not really blue. It's lavender foil and it does smell like blueberries, but not overwhelmingly so.
  • Royal Invite (SH Diamond Strength) - pretty similar in color to Not So Blueberry, really - somewhere between blue and purple, but not dark enough to be what people usually mean by "blurple" - more in the lavender-to-periwinkle range.
  • Rendezvous With You (China Glaze) - from the fall 13 collection, a sort of grape foil finish, a darker base with lighter shimmer. This is a bit of a grayed purple.
  • Purple Rush (Milani High Speed) - dark purple with lighter purple or maybe red-violet flecks, I haven't been able to decide. Something in it reads on the red-violet side, anyway! It's pretty, and like Racy Green above, it was from the LE fast-dry one-coat line.
  • Sugar Plum (Milani Color Statement) - this is from the newer Milani line in the round bottles, and it's really pretty. It's right on the purple/pink line, so maybe you'd call it raspberry? but most people would probably tell you it's hot pink. It's a red-violet base with fuchsia shimmer. I wouldn't especially call this one a foil.
bottom row:
  • Once Upon A Time (Chick) - this is really almost a top-coat, because it's pretty sheer. You can build it to opaqueness but I found I liked it best for layering. It's sort of a strawberry-pink, I would say - pink with some hints of orange. (I notice that I called it "rhubarb" back when I first got it last fall.)
  • Elfin' Around (China Glaze) - red-orange foil. Inexplicably part of their Christmas-season set in 2013 rather than being in the fall set where it would be much more at home. (more swatches)
  • Kimber (Zoya) - pink foil-like finish. I've talked about this one lately and how I always wear it with Reva because for some reason it sets off my "too pink" trigger. (I've never understood why I have such a trigger at all because I like pink. But I definitely do.)
  • Santa Red My List (China Glaze) - the same foil finish as Elfin' Around, but this time in fuchsia. Go figure. (mani from 2014)
  • Karina (Zoya) - I see this mentioned as a Ruby Pumps dupe, and while they are not actually dupes - see the link for that discussion - they are certainly in the same ballpark. (I've been using that phrase a lot lately. Maybe it's just because I'm ready for baseball season!) Karina is more of a foil, though. (layered mani from 2012)

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