Thursday, September 18, 2014

New purchases: Dollish, Chick, and more

I'm in between manicures right now, all I have on my nails is treatment stuff - Nail Nutrition to be exact. I meant to get a picture of the last manicure to show you guys and I never did. That was Megalast Careful, It's Vine-tage (which seems to me to be an awfully labored pun) for a day or so, and then I put Travel in Colour on top of it, as I keep doing lately. In fact I love TinC so much that I went and bought more bottles of it on eBay - since it only comes in a mini size I knew that one wouldn't last too long! (I bought it from this seller and it has already arrived and looks to be fine.) Anyway, Travel in Colour shifted the dark grape to a lighter and maybe slightly redder and very shimmery grape. I really liked it that way.

I have other new stuff besides that, but no pictures yet because we haven't seen the sun for days, it's been raining all the time. Let's see, I got stuff from Dollish and stuff from Llarowe (that was the Chick polishes) and then I bought some Sinful Colors since Walgreen's was having a 99-cent sale. Here's the full list of stuff I've bought lately:

  • Chick Fairy Snot (as I have said before, I have a weakness for anything named "Unicorn ____" or "Fairy ____") - this one is small holo glitter in a clear base.
  • Chick Once Upon A Time, which looks sort of like a glass fleck, very shimmery, and it's a rhubarb color, an almost-red. I may wear this next so I'll report back.
  • Chick basecoat (Horsetail Strengthening Base Coat)
  • Chick cuticle oil, my second bottle because it smells so good
  • Dollish The Angels Have The Phone Box - also a second bottle (mini), because I like this color so much
  • Dollish I Want To Believe, which is from the second Ultimate Fandom set - also a mini. It's blue-grey with what looks like blue and silver glitter.
  • a glass file from Dollish, my first one
  • the Megalast I mentioned above, Careful, It's Vine-tage, which is a dark-grape matte from the fall LE collection
  • Sinful Colors Sugar Sugar, a ruby-red (as if I need another one of those)
  • Sinful Colors Ice Dream, and icy blue-and-silver glitter
  • and three mini-bottles of Travel in Colour, as mentioned above
I didn't need any of this, I really have to slow down!

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