Saturday, September 6, 2014

Playing with Polish: Electrique + Travel in Colour

I just took off the polish that I'm about to talk about, and put cuticle oil on. What I've noticed with cuticle oil is that when it's the liquid oil with a brush, I have trouble persuading myself to color outside of the lines, as it were - that is, I tend to put it on my nails like it was polish, and - at least if I'm not thinking about it - I forget to put it on my cuticles completely. I guess it's habit, mostly - that long-ingrained habit of putting my nail polish on neatly so I don't have too much cleanup to do afterwards. So about half the time with cuticle oil I have to remember to go back and slather it on my cuticles afterwards.

This manicure started because I asked my husband (as I do periodically when I'm feeling indecisive) what color I should paint my nails, and he went out into left field by his standards and came up with lavender. I had Pahlish Electrique still sitting out and it's sort of light(ish) purple and he allowed that that was pretty close so I decided to try that. I wasn't sure how opaque Electrique was, though, so I put Colorstay Amethyst on first. Then I put two coats of Electrique on, and I'm not at all sure how much of what I was seeing was which polish, but it was pretty dark. Pretty but hardly lavender, even assuming we're not worrying about lavender vs lilac and the fine points of paler purples. So I sat there and stared at it for a while, and then I put China Glaze Travel in Colour on top of it. And I'm not sure if it was really lavender, still, but it was much lighter, and really really pretty.
This was taken earlier today, and there's a good bit of visible tipwear, because this was the sixth day I'd had it on. I thought about putting topcoat over Travel in Colour, but I never did, so that's pretty good wear. Actually this picture does look pretty close to lavender, now that I look closely at it - meaning a blue-leaning purple rather than a red-leaning one - but I'm not sure that was actually so true in real life. But who cares, it was shiny and pretty (even shinier than it looks here, really), and that's what counts, right?

Oh, and for the record:
I have no idea what I had under this, but I always wear basecoat so you can be sure there was something - possibly it was Butter London Nail Foundation
1 coat Colorstay Amethyst
2 coats Pahlish Electrique
1 coat China Glaze Travel in Colour
no other topcoat

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