Sunday, September 28, 2014

Echarpe de Seda

I have never gotten anything before that I thought was a halfway decent picture of Echarpe de Seda, but this one is probably as good as I'm likely to get:
I don't usually do pictures with flash, because most of the time I don't have good luck with them, but I used a macro setting this time and it apparently made a lot of difference. (Surely I've tried that before, but who knows? I'm not exactly scientific about my picture-taking.)

You can see there's a little bit of tipwear, but then I've had it on since Friday. If you're not familiar with this brand, it's Brazilian and it's available from Llarowe in the U.S. I have two bottles of it - the other one is Stiletto, a green creme, and I really love both of them. If you're looking at them for the first time, though, note that they're not as much of a bargain as their $5-8 price-tags make them sound, because the bottles are quite small. As you can see in the picture, they're 8ml, which is just slightly over half the size of a "standard" half-ounce bottle size (which is more or less equivalent to 15ml). So they're minis, for practical purposes - but so are a lot of brands these days. These "special glitz" jellies with scattered holo bits are $6, and I've been enjoying this one so much I actually went back to Llarowe's website this afternoon and ordered a couple more. (I ordered V.I.P., which is orange, and Vestido de Gala, which is burgundy. Near as I can figure out, that last name loosely translates to "ball gown" or maybe it's more like "formalwear" - and Echarpe de Seda is "silk scarf" so I guess there's sort of a clothing theme there.)

This is three coats. I believe I put Nail Nutrition and Chick basecoat underneath, and Hardwear topcoat on top. -- It occurred to me that I forget to use Hardwear, because it tends to be shuffled toward the back of my treatment-products box, and yet I like it and really ought to be using it more. Partly I think this is because it's Butter London so it's in a nicely squared-off bottle and fits in well with everything else, where the larger round bottles like HK Girl and Seche tend to pop out toward the front!

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