Saturday, October 4, 2014

Square Hue, Fowl Play, & more

This was two manicures ago (I took this at lunch at Jason's Deli the other day, so it's the iPhone, but the color seems pretty true):
This is Travel In Colour over Essie It's Genius, which is sort of a raisin-plum color. TinC shifted it a little towards pink, as usual, but not hugely so.

The last manicure (which I just took off) was Fowl Play, which is a color that been around for several years but is new to me. I like it. It's more or less the same color scheme as Nfu Oh 51 but it's not a dupe - Fowl Play seems much more opaque, although I haven't tried to compare them. (Come to think of it I haven't seen my bottle of #51 in ages, and it's not like it blends in with the other bottles... It's gotta be here somewhere, though!)

Let's see, so I have half a dozen or more new polishes, but I don't have pictures of anything so far. One set was the Llarowe stuff I wrote about before. One was a Square Hue box that it seems like I signed up for ages ago - I had almost forgotten about it. They were having a promo of some sort so I thought I'd try it out. I found somebody's unboxing video that's up already on You Tube, so you can see the colors there. The month's theme is Milan and the three colors are Via Della Spiga (red), Via Sant'andrea (taupey tan), and Via Montenapoleone (which is dark and matte and might be super-dark blue but I can't be sure in this light). I will say one thing about Square Hue right now, and that's that I adore the perfectly-square bottles. I wish more companies would do this. I get tired of wrangling round bottles.

And the other thing I have that's new is Fowl Play, as mentioned above, and a bottle of Gelous, which I'd never tried before. Those came from Sally Beauty. Fowl Play was marked down and I knew it was something I'd always admired. And I saw somewhere - a pin, maybe? - where somebody was talking about using Gelous as both a base and a topcoat to mimic regular gel nails. I did try this with Fowl Play and it looked really pretty - you use Gelous on top of the polish and then put another topcoat on top of that - but I don't know that it lasted better than it would have anyway. I'll have to try it again with something else!

I don't know what I'm putting on next, but it might possibly be one of these new things - we'll see.

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