Friday, October 24, 2014

New: Milani, NYC, Chick + a wear update

I mentioned having bought some stuff on sale at CVS and here that is:
L-R: Sugar Plum, Ultra Violet, Ruby Queen
The Milanis are shimmers, the NYC is part of the holiday set, I think? and it's glittery. I've seen a number of people raving over this "Crystal Couture" set, I may wish I'd bought more.

Then I've had this set of Chick polishes and treatments for a month or so but never did get pictures of all of them:
This is cuticle oil (my second bottle because I loved the first one so!), basecoat, Fairy Snot (which is a sparkly topper, naturally!), and Once Upon A Time. I've worn OUAT and really liked it but I'm not sure there are pictures.

Also, I wrote about having to use five coats of Optical Illusion last week - that was Friday, I think, and this is what it looked like on Tuesday, which is not bad considering I never used a topcoat:
Now I have on multiple coats of This Is Halloween, and I really like the color but it's already chipping pretty badly, and I did use topcoat this time. (I may not get a picture of that because I'll probably take it off tonight and try something else.)

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