Tuesday, October 21, 2014

This Is Halloween

This is my collection of Halloween polishes from previous years. Halloween polishes are usually put out in limited editions, so you probably can't get any of these, but I feel compelled to post the list anyway.

Falloween (Glitzology - mixed large glitters in fall colors)
R.I.P. (Orly - orange glitter in black jelly base)
This Is Halloween (LynB - purple & orange small glitter)
Redrum (Dollish - rusty red holo)
Chupacabra (Mod Polish - dark green chunky glitter)
Walker Bait (Dollish - green linear holo)
Deadly Nightshade (Dollish - purple and cyan glitter)
They're Heeeere! (Dollish - shimmery cyan jelly)

I have a couple more of those tombstone/coffin bottles of Halloween polish that aren't anything special, so I haven't bothered to list them. My favorite of those was called Creepy Pumpkin, and it was an orange jelly, but I've used that one up completely and haven't been able to find another one. They do have an orange one this year but it's got another name - although I don't remember what it was - and it doesn't appear to be a jelly, so darn. Anyway, both of those specialty brands - one is made by Wet N Wild, I know, and the other is not, and I never can remember which is which - but both of them have changed their bottles this year and I'm pretty sure the polishes are all different too. The coffin bottles aren't even coffins any more.

In any case, you can buy Halloween polishes from numerous places but they probably will not be the same ones I have. They're always cool, in any case, and both indie and commercial sellers love to put them out - partly because most people love Halloween and also undoubtedly partially because they sell really well. (This Is Halloween might still be available - I only got my bottle a couple of months ago - but I'm pretty sure most of the others are not.)

I do love Halloween, for various reasons, mostly because it's just plain FUN and doesn't involve big family dinners and quite so much stress, unlike certain other holidays I am not talking about right now! I've been sort of hoping in recent years that Halloween sort of does this big merge with Day of the Dead and becomes a multi-day celebration/extravaganza, and actually seems to be happening to some degree. (Not that I want them to merge, exactly, that's not what I mean, but they are all sort of related, anyway. I think hopefully you get what I mean there!)

There will probably be some Halloween manicures coming - for that matter I bought some decals, if I can get them to work properly. I think This Is Halloween may be the polish that's getting tried out next. (I'm still wearing Optical Illusion but it's probably coming off any minute now!)

From the Delicious Color Archives:
This is RIP and I think it was the first picture I ever posted here.

This picture has two of the Dollish Halloween-related polishes: Walker Bait on the top right, and Deadly Nightshade at bottom right.

(And that first picture reminds me that my blogiversary is coming up at the beginning of November. Two years of badly-lighted pictures and jumbled-together prose, woo!)

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