Friday, October 17, 2014

SpaRitual Optical Illusion

I talked towards the bottom of the last entry about how I bought Optical Illusion because I wanted a swampy green, and well, it is that. I'm wearing it now, and it's quite beautiful, but I'm wearing FIVE coats because it's so thin and streaky. I think when I wear it again I'm going to layer something underneath, because that's just crazy. I was talking about whether it was a yellow-green and how green it would appear on the nail, because it didn't appear at all yellowish in the bottle in my living room. This is what the base looks like at two coats, in the sun:
So you can see that it's very yellow-green, even at two coats. In the shade it looks much less drastic and you're starting to be able to see the glitter:
But it's still very streaky, and five coats is what it took to get to the bottle color. I wanted it as sort of a specialty color, anyway, so if I have to put on 5 coats a couple of times a year, I suppose I can live with that. But it's a bit frustrating.

I went to CVS to pick up a prescription earlier in the week, and of course I came home with a couple of things. There was a buy one, get one half-off on Milani, and NYC Color was 40% off, so I bought NYC Ruby Queen, a red glitter, and Milani Color Statement in Sugar Plum and Ultra Violet, which were both shimmery, bright pink and purple respectively. I might wait until after Halloween to wear those, or maybe not since there's still two weeks to go. I probably don't really want to wear orange for two whole weeks!

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