Thursday, October 30, 2014

Honey You Should See Me In A Crown

This is a terrible picture even by my undemanding standards - all kinds of wear, dry cuticles, etc. - but it seems to be a fairly accurate on the polish itself, so I'm posting it anyway. This was the manicure before the pumpkin one, I think (unless it's the one before that) but the picture disappeared for a while. Usually I take my iPhone pictures within Evernote so that they automatically show up on my computer also - which is the beauty of Evernote - but I finally located this one on my iPhone but not in Evernote, for some reason. Maybe I accidentally deleted the note? I don't know.
Honey You Should See Me In A Crown - hereafter HYSSMIAC - is one of the Dollish Fandom polishes. I did not get the reference on this polish name because I haven't seen enough Sherlock, although I gather it's Moriarty, right? - Anyway, the polish is orange with orange and gold glitter in it. (You can see it in this picture if you enlarge it, although do so at your own risk, because like I said, it's not a good picture. If you want to see the glitter enough to put up with seeing my dry cuticles etc as well, then go for it.) (As an alternative, here's Accio Lacquer's much-better pictures.)  HYSSMIAC is really pretty, even several days in with all the wear. It really reads as orange, but then you get up closer and you get the glitter effect, which I like. It's more subtle than I expected it to be. I do wish I remembered exactly how long I'd had this on when this picture was taken. I don't think I was terribly unhappy with the wear so it must have been several days at least. As I'm always saying, I'm hard on my nails, but I still expect at least a day or two out of a manicure.

In I did end up liking This Is Halloween quite a lot. I had had some wear problems with the big LynB glitters but this one was fine - I know I didn't get a picture of it, though. (I just poked around and Mishka's pictures seem to be the most accurate I could find - no, Google, I do not mean lynn b, thanks! grr)

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