Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Sugar skulls + various fall polishes

If you follow my Twitter, you may have seen the sugar skull decals already. I ended up putting them only on my thumbs, mostly because I just didn't have time to do more. And I put them over Chick Moss, a medium green. I think the decals would have shown up better over a somewhat lighter color, but they looked fine. I'm not sure how many other people noticed them, but I liked them, anyway.
Oh, and the sparkly stuff visible there is a topcoat, Jin Soon Gossamer.

I did a much better job of centering the other thumb:
These pictures were taken in a moving car (I was not driving at the time, don't worry) because the sun suddenly came out and it occurred to me to get pictures. All things considered, they are not too terrible.

We were traveling over the weekend, and Sunday night I figured Day of the Dead was basically over and the sugar skulls should go before I had to attempt to explain them to my in-laws. So I took that off and I put on another one of the Dollish Ultimate Fandom polishes that I've been putting off using until fall, Curse Your Sudden But Inevitable Betrayal, which as most of you probably know is the Firefly polish, so there's no question of whether I get the reference. (The original pilot is one of my two favorite episodes, probably - that and Out Of Gas.) CYSBIB is, well, brown - like browncoats, presumably - and I wore that for a day and felt like it was really a bit boring, so I put Revlon Fall Mood on top of it. That one is one of the discontinued Colorstay colors, a sort of golden-brown shimmer, very pretty. Then today I put Cinna-man Of My Dreams on top of that - and then several more coats of topcoat on top of that, because it's a texture, and I really wasn't in the mood for the texture. Actually it's extremely pretty with topcoat - I don't think I tried that when I wore it before. It becomes very, very sparkly.

I had a very interesting and unusual experience yesterday - I got to take an Amish girl shopping, and talk to her a lot about nail polish and other assorted subjects. She's helping to take care of my mother-in-law, and there were workers at the house yesterday so they asked me to take her somewhere for a few hours so she wouldn't have to be there while all those guys tromped around the house. And I wanted to go to Lima anyway so she went with me. She hadn't been to Lima and hadn't been in a Meijer store before, so we did that, and we went in a couple of other places, and we actually got along very well. I'm not sure if she thought I was entirely insane or not but if she did she kept it to herself. She was very interested the whole subject of nail polish, actually (or else she faked it really well) although she didn't show any interest in buying any for herself. What she might have liked to buy, I think, was perfume - we spent a good while looking at the perfume displays, in a couple of different stores. I amassed some new jeans and underwear and a really cute cardigan that I've been wearing ever since we got home, and some t-shirts for Rob, and also a bottle of Ruby Pumps and a bottle of Orly Color Blast Plum Chunky Glitter that was marked down to $1.74. She didn't buy a thing. (She tried to pay for her breakfast, but since the powers that be in the family had already given me some money to pay for it, I convinced her that wasn't necessary.) If you're wondering, she was dressed exactly like you'd think - in a really beautifully-sewn, dark colored dress, and a black cap, and she had a nice black coat to go with it. And she had a tendency to follow me around like a shadow in public places, which felt kind of odd to me. But she was very down-to-earth and funny, and I really liked her.


  1. Jin Soon, eh? I don't have any of those (yet).

    Your shopping with the Amish experience sounds very interesting.

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    2. I bought the Jin Soon in an after-Christmas clearance last year - I think that was from Space.NK. I really like that particular polish a lot, it's one of those cool top-coat kind of things that's right up my alley.

    3. (For the record, I deleted the other comment because I wrote it very late at night and when I read it later it didn't seem to make much sense.)