Friday, November 28, 2014

Black Friday & NOTDs

So Thanksgiving is over, and theoretically everybody is out shopping today. I'm at work, and they certainly aren't here. I don't mind being at work because I couldn't imagine going shopping today. (We used to, but that was way back before all this Black Friday madness.) Anybody know of any spectacular sales on nail polish that I should know about? If it's something I can buy online or something I have til Sunday or Monday to buy, that's different. I did bring yesterday's paper with me so I can look at the inserts - I didn't remember until last night that they had thrown it, although I vaguely remember hearing them throw it at 3 in the morning. We aren't supposed to get the Thursday paper, we subscribe for Wed & Sun only (and I mostly only wanted it because it came with the online access) but when I heard it land I remember thinking that was bound to be what it was. They want maximum distribution for all those ads.

Here's what I've had on my nails - but unfortunately I didn't get a picture at all of the first one, and the picture on the 2nd one is of limited use. -- As I said I was going to at the very bottom of the last entry, I put on I Volunteer As Tribute (over black) on Wednesday night, so I had it on when we went to see "Mockingjay" last night - not that anybody except my husband noticed. It looked great, though - it's glitter in what I think is meant to be fire colors in a black jelly base. (Here's Addicted to Lacquer's pictures, but I don't know how she got coverage that good with 3 coats - she must have dabbed it on, which I didn't do. Mine looked pretty but much more sparse than that, and of course my base made it much darker.) And then by last night I had banged that up, so now I'm wearing Zoya Carter, the purple Pixie Dust, which is also gorgeous. I'm not wearing top coat, so if it's banged up tonight I'll probably just patch it up and put top coat on to stretch it through tomorrow.

Here's Carter under the fluorescents, and as usual, in this lighting it looks much too blue. Carter is a dark purple base with sparkles that look almost fuchsia, so the overall effect shifts much more red-violet than it looks here. But at least you can see the sparkle pretty well.
One thing about Pixie Dusts is that they do patch up really well - which is good because they take a long time to dry, and I for one am prone to forgetting that and messing them up before they dry completely!

Oh, and if you're wondering, Mockingjay was really good. I never really thought the first two completely lived up to the books, but this one is much closer.

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