Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Brown, bronze, & burgundy

I tweeted about Square Hue Vaclavske Namesti the other night - I thought it was brown when I was putting it on, but apparently it's actually a plum. Either way it's extremely pretty. Then yesterday I somehow managed to chip it getting in and out of the car; I'm not sure how I did that but after 10 days of driving and hotels I was getting pretty crazy. (We're home now and I feel much better after a night in my own bed!) So anyway, today I patched it up and then I added a coat of Sonia Kashuk Two Cent on top of it, which as you might guess is a really pretty copper-penny color.

Here's those two bottles:
You can see the plumminess of the Square Hue here pretty well, but still I think it's fair to call it poised equally between plum and brown. I've got other fall purples that are that way, really. And Two Cent is a nice shimmery copper which is warm without being so warm that it is unflattering on me.

I pulled out a bunch of fall colors earlier when I was fiddling around with the grays and silvers and blacks, so here are some other selections from my stash. This is my VERY favorite fall staple, coppery glitters:
I don't think any of these are available any more, unfortunately - I love these and they are always seem to be LE so basically, if you see a brown-and-copper combination and you like such things, you would be well-advised to snatch them up! (and then tell me about it so I can go hunt them down too) - anyway, these three are Xtreme Wear Pumpkin Spice, Spoiled Cougar Attack, and Different Dimension It Rubs The Lotion On Its Skin. (Yes, it's a Silence of the Lambs polish, isn't that awesome?) I have been nursing Pumpkin Spice along for several years now and I think it's about to give up the ghost - I keep adding thinner and I don't think it's budging, so that one may be destined for discard soon. It pains me but there's no point in keeping it if it's not useable, is there? Cougar Attack is really similar but I'm already halfway through that one as well.

Here are some more things in a coppery vein:
This is Dollish I Volunteer As Tribute - which I haven't tried yet because it looked so very fallish that I was saving it - and then Hard Candy Crush On Lava and N-OPI Cinna-man Of My Dreams (a texture).

And here are some burgundies: Zoya Jem, Carly, and Katherine (which is a jelly):

and some more: Violet Flicker (another one of that glass-fleck bunch which I keep talking about lately), Dark Side Of The Moon, and Bold Sangria:

Then here's some gold/bronze ones (which I almost forgot about):
This is I Only Shop Vintage, Gold Digger, and All About You.

and here's a lot of these fallish things spread out on my bed:
Let's see, things in that picture which I haven't already talked about include several unidentified dark reds, some older browns like Forbidden Fudge and Decades of Shades, and then some stuff I've worn fairly recently like Chick Once Upon A Time, A England Briarwood, and Dollish Curse Your Sudden But Inevitable Betrayal. I really love fall colors, can you tell?

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