Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Stash: silvers, oddball grays + Square Hue Prague

I started this round of stash pictures months ago and even though I forgot about it for a while (and I'm sure nobody was waiting with bated breath) I feel like I should finish while it's still 2014, y'know? So this is probably the penultimate installment - if I get around to it there'll be one more with some multicolor glitters and things like that. I did the plain grays the other day but here are the silvers and then further down I have some grayish oddball colors.
This one is a bit out of focus, so rather than blowing it up to a large size where that's more obvious, I'm going to put another shot down below that's in better focus.
Top row: Color Show Black In Mirrors (from the LE Brocade set from last Christmas), OCC Arsenic, Gem Crush Glitz Gal (which I think may be discontinued, thus the 75% off sticker), OPI Is That Silva? (one of the Skyfall magnetics), Xtreme Wear Celeb City
Middle row: Zoya Luna and London (Luna is an older silver glitter and may be discontinued; London is the "fog gray" Pixie Dust), 2 versions of old Hard Candy Trailer Trash (regular and mini), Barry M Silver Glitter (which was LE), a mini of Orly Tiara
Bottom row: Square Hue Parizska (gray with silver glitter, and you'll see more of these in a minute), an unlabeled OPI mini which I'm pretty sure is Pirouette My Whistle, and an Ulta mini, Twisted Tinsel

I have an awful lot of really silvery silvers, not sure how that happened. (Note to self: remember to wear some of these in jelly sandwiches this winter!)

This is what I was calling the oddball colors - some of them aren't really gray but they definitely have pretty strong gray tones in them.
This is Xtreme Wear Gray Area (which is more taupe), Square Hue Vaclavske Namesti (which I talked about an entry or two back - it's a plummy/brown shimmer) and Na Prikope (gray-green), Complete Salon Manicure Gray By Gray (which has bluish tones to it) and then Zoya Yuna, which is also gray-green with a LOT of shimmer. It's not as showy as the other Ignite color I've tried (Teigen) but it's very pretty.

The only reason I thought to put Vaclavske Namesti in the picture above was because it looked quite a bit like Gray Area, although they're nothing like dupes and aren't really terribly gray. Let me go ahead and show you the whole Square Hue set for November, even though you've seen all three above - they've been doing city-themed collections for months now (maybe all year? I'm not sure) and this one is Prague.
I actually really like this set, they are lovely for late fall. At first I went, "TWO grays?" but they are nothing alike. Na Prikope, as I said, is a gray-green creme, where Parizska is more neutral and has a strong silver glitter to it (which shows up better in the picture below than either of the ones above). And I've already worn Vaclavske Namesti and really loved it. It went on looking brown but has definite plum tones out in the sunlight.

This is more or less the same polishes as above, but arranged differently. (This was taken before I decided that it made more sense to separate it out into two groups.)
(NOTE: if anybody's wondering what you're seeing underneath the polishes, it's first of all a Sterilite plastic shoebox like you get at Walmart, and underneath that is a quilt. So the colors in the quilt are grayed out a bit because you're seeing it through the box. (It was a block exchange that I did about 14 or 15 years ago, I think, and I finally got it put together about 10 years ago. It took me a while, but it's really pretty, and I pull it out in the winter because it coordinates pretty well with my brown winter comforter and sheets. It's this one.)

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