Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Stash: black, white, & gray

I did pictures of most of the rest of my stash back in the spring and early summer, but I broke down at the end and there was some stuff I didn't ever get around to doing, mostly black/white/gray and then silver. And of course my stash is growing, and all of those won't fit into my shoebox-sized boxes that I was using before, so this one is b/w/gray, and then we'll have to see if I can shoehorn all the silvers into one box next!

I tried to put most of the blacks toward the top and gradually get lighter, with the whites on the bottom left - I have far more blacks and dark grays than I do lighter things, as usual with me.
Left to right and top to bottom:
Top row: Square Hue Via Montenapoleone (from last month's Milan collection), Triple Shine Slick Black (glass-flecked), Cult Nails Fetish (a rubber finish), Sonia Kashuk Starry Night (black with silver glitter), Wild Shine Black Creme
Second row: RGB Slate, L.A. Girl 3D Effects in Black Illusion (a holo)
Middle: Hard As Nails Steely Gaze (which is the unlabeled one under the RGB - it lost its label at some point!), Color Show Clearly Spotted (from the Polka Dots set), Orchid Steel Guitar, Hard Candy Vibe (an older formula - it's a very shiny black), and next to that and under the Orchid bottle is an unbranded and unlabeled black - but I have come to think that set is actually L.A.Colors
Next to the bottom: Square Hue Parizska (gray with silver glitter, from the brand-new Prague trio); under that is an unlabled white (also probably L.A.Colors) and Chirality Symbiote (a holo), then the gray with the label turned backward is Essence Beauty Beats in As Long As You Love Me (this is a Bieber polish, but I promise that's not why it was turned backwards!!), and then finally Outlast Midnight Magic, which is from the group of glass-fleck type polishes that I was talking about yesterday - it's a black base with a lot of blue and metallic shimmer to it
Bottom row: China Glaze Texture in There's Snow One Like You (a white textured glitter which I have had no luck getting to go on where it looks decent so far - I tried last year and I'm sure I'll try again this year now that the holidays are rolling around again), Sinful Colors Nail Art (basically a striper) in Bad Chick, Xtreme Wear Wet Cement, and finally 2 Dollish minis, I Want To Believe (from Ultimate Fandom Deux, it's a blue-gray with scattered glitter) and They're Hereeee! (a holo glitter from last year's Halloween collection - it reads awfully gray in the bottle but as I recall it went on much bluer than it looks here)

As you can see, I'm not big on whites - I do wear light grays a fair bit, though. And some of the silvery ones are pretty much in the dove-gray sort of ballpark as well - I pulled all those today too so hopefully I'll be able to get those up soon.

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