Sunday, August 31, 2014

Meow Meow + a tour of H-E-B

I'm wearing RBL Meow Meow, a blackened green glitter, and it's really beautiful but I still think "Christmas green" every time I look at it. Maybe next time I'll put it over black and see if that helps. (Or maybe a lighter green? I'll have to experiment...)

I tried to get a picture of Meow Meow, but the iPhone picture sucked, and it's been too rainy to get decent lighting at home. And therefore I don't have a picture of the new things I've gotten, either. I have a couple of new things via the lovely Karen:
I got to have lunch with Karen and Mr Karen last week, and then we had some time left so Mr K went off on his own and Karen and I went shopping, and we ended up at - where else, really? - the grocery store. There's not much else nail-polish-wise that's not available in the Detroit area as easily as it is in the Houston area. Ulta and Sephora locations are pretty abundant at both places, but H-E-B isn't. As it happened, they were having one of their Orchid coupon sales, so she was able to do a little stocking up very reasonably. All I bought was one more discontinued Colorstay, since there was also another Revlon coupon sale. (We got back with still a few minutes to spare, so we did do a quick run through Ulta, also. Neither of us bought anything there, but I think there will be some pictures in Karen's next display post that came from Houston.) Anyway, I hadn't seen Karen in person since 2008, I think - and Mr Karen in even longer than that - so it was really nice to see them both.

I hadn't been in Ulta in months, so there were a lot of things I hadn't seen, like the OPI Nordics and the new Zoya colors. The Nordics were pretty but there wasn't anything I felt all that tempted by. The Zoya Ignite collection, on the other hand... well, I know Zoya has sales, and OPI is rarely on sale, so it's much more likely I will own some of these Zoyas eventually than it is the OPIs. (Particularly India and Sansa, to be specific. So pretty.)

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  1. It was great to see you, too! I just used the Zoya code to buy some of those Ignite colors (I swatched a friend's review samples). I bought some of the Nordic at Sally's with a coupon--the glitter, one of the purples, and one or two others I don't recall at the moment.