Monday, August 11, 2014

Yay for the approach of fall.

I was looking at my nail polishes this weekend, and I'm excited for fall to be coming. A lot of my favorite polishes feel more like fall/winter polishes than spring/summer. Purples, greens, neutrals....

Of course it's hot as blazes here and will be for a couple of months, in all probability. But still, at least we're getting to the point where we can pretend it's fall. And eventually it will be here!

(Meanwhile I am still wearing Butterflies and Rosebuds. But something new will probably be coming later today. I have no idea what it will be!)


  1. Butterflies and Rosebuds didn't sound familiar to me and I couldn't picture it, but according to my spreadsheet, I have a bottle somewhere in my stash. :)

    1. It's very pretty. I just wish I didn't hate that name so much.