Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Playing with polish: Daul over Vinyl

This is Zoya Daul over Hard Candy Vinyl:
I've been wearing this for several days, so there's noticeable tipwear on my index finger. I took this this morning, and by this afternoon there was noticeable tipwear on quite a few fingers.

This isn't the greatest picture, but I think you can get the idea. Vinyl is an old (old) Hard Candy color, from back in the olden days before Hard Candy started selling at Wal-Mart. (I like new-formula Hard Candy too, I just don't have that many of them. But I have a bunch of these old ones.) Anyway, it's an almost-black purple, and it looks good on its own, but I just can't leave cremes alone these days, so it got paired with Zoya Daul, which is a crazy glass-fleck iridescent thing with a purplish base, but these two together come out looking more brown than purple in a lot of lights, and with gold flash that is all Daul. Here's Zoya's Daul page. The description says it's purple and gold, but in their pictures you don't really see the gold that much.

(oops, I hit the publish button by mistake, so I'll just leave this as is, I guess! It's basically done, anyway.)

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