Saturday, August 16, 2014

Pump nail polish remover

I only bought this because it was free or nearly free with a coupon, but I really like it, it's turned out:
This is Orchid (H-E-B house brand) polish remover in a squat 6-oz. bottle with a "convenient spill-proof pump." I wasn't at all sure that I would care for a pump polish remover, but I figured, well, I'd try it. It turns out the pump didn't quite work the way I was imagining:
It has this little flat cup on top and it pumps UP. You put your cotton round or cotton ball or whatever on top of that and pump right into it. Mostly it works very well, although as usual nothing is really spill-proof where I'm concerned. I managed to actually shoot remover into the air right through the cotton round at one point and spill it that way, but still it's hard to have a major spill with this, anyway. (I will probably buy another one when I find them on sale again - I think regular price was in ballpark of $2 - but meanwhile I just refilled it with the acetone I had on hand.)

I took these pictures a week or more ago, and then I promptly forgot about them. I have been wearing Kleancolor Sparkle Purple for several days, and now it's chipped, and when I went to take it off I remembered the remover pictures. I really like Sparkle Purple and I'll probably just do the same mani again, so I'll try to get pictures this time!

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