Thursday, August 21, 2014

New purchases + Sparkle Purple again

These pictures are a bit blurrier than I'd like but they're all I have. First of all, here is what I think is a much more color-correct picture of Sparkle Purple:
It still doesn't capture the very-red-violet flash of it, but it's closer, anyway. Also note that I have been wearing this since last weekend and the tip-wear is still awfully minimal. Of course I have who-knows-how-many coats of polish including at least two of topcoat, so it ought to wear like iron, shouldn't it?

As for purchases, this is Llarowe + the one RBL + the Revlon that I already talked about:
top row: Chick Cuticle Oil, Briarwood (A England), Nail-Robi (Color Club)
bottom row: Hipster Chick, #601 Shuffle Green (Dear Rus), Rain Forest, Meow Meow (Rescue Beauty Lounge)

I think the Revlon was either $1.33 or maybe only 33 cents after the coupon, I'm not sure which. (My receipt is not at all illuminating on this question, I looked.) The Dear Rus was $2 and the Chicks were $3. The others were full-price.

What stood out to me when I looked at these polishes, and what you've probably already noticed yourself, is the prevalence of green here. I love green, but my goodness, I really do get carried away. One thing about it, though, the three dark greens don't look anything alike - maybe in the picture they do a bit, but in person they don't. Shuffle Green is very gold-flecked, Rain Forest is a glass-fleck shimmer and Meow Meow is more of a full-on glitter with black mixed in. (Here's Kellie Gonzo's pictures of the RBL collection, which show it looking quite different.)

The others... well, Briarwood is one of those polishes every nail junkie knows about, and I just hope I love it as much as everybody else seems to. (Partly the Llarowe order was a "try new brands" thing for me - all of those except Color Club are new to me.) Nail-Robi got a lot of press back last spring when it came out, too, and it looks really beautiful. And the cuticle oil is... well, it doesn't say on the bottle but I believe it was tangerine-ginger, was the scent, and it smells divine. So on the whole, without having actually tried any of these polishes yet, I'm pretty happy with these purchases. I am going to have to spend the entire fall and winter wearing dark green every other manicure if I want to go through them all, though!

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