Monday, August 18, 2014

Playing with polish: Kleancolor Sparkle Purple

I don't know anything about Kleancolor, except that people always talk about the smell of their polishes - I think this means that they have a chemical smell, like the nail polishes all did until they started changing formulas not too many years ago. (I can't say I noticed the smell of this one, though. As usual my nose is stopped up, but if it had a really strong smell, I would have noticed, I think.)

Well, anyway, I'm wearing my one and only Kleancolor polish, which I got from a blog sale (Gnarly Nails' apparently, because here is the picture that includes the bottle). According to Kleancolor's website, this is in fact a current color - 36 Sparkle Purple. (4th row, middle of the row, does not look nearly as blue as that picture implies, at least on my monitor!)

And this picture is not right, either:
The sparkles in this are very red-violet, and while the color in this picture looks pretty and you can see a hint of the red-violet, it still didn't pick up the full effect. This is actually 4 coats of SP, so it's super-glittery. It's over a base of a very dark blue-leaning purple - the base color from the Orbit Nail Art Wand (Revlon). (I had used the glitter end of the nail wand up, so I needed to use the other end up anyway.) The reason I did so many coats of the glitter was mostly because I put the glitter on late Saturday afternoon, and then put a quick-dry basecoat on, because my husband wanted to go to dinner, and then I had one of those things where the polish was dry on top but not underneath and it was wanting to shift around. It looked ok if you didn't look close, but it was bothering me enough that I added more coats of glitter - and then, of course, more topcoat - on Sunday.

This was the second Sparkle Purple mani I did. The first one used Colorstay Amethyst - which is much lighter - for a base, and it looked pretty different. I liked it as much if not more, but I didn't even manage to get a half-decent picture of that one. I'm really enamored of this polish and I'll probably try the Amethyst version again soon.

Speaking of Colorstay, I was in the grocery store this afternoon, and I ended up bringing home another bottle of Rain Forest. I wasn't in any hurry so I was poking around the drug department because they had all these better-than-usual coupon sales going on. Revlon is back in the back and I hadn't even looked at the Revlon display in a while, apparently, because I wasn't aware they had any "old" Colorstay left back there. I think with the coupon it ended up being a dollar and change. (If you live where there are H-E-Bs, the coupon is $3 off most Revlon, but I think only through tomorrow.) This is actually my third bottle of Rain Forest, but I think the first one is pretty close to empty and of course it's discontinued, so I don't think I'm being excessive there. It's a backup to my backup.

(Other good finds from the coupon sale, for the record: $3 off house-brand sunscreen in 70 & 100 SPF; $2 (I think it was) off Suave "gold bottle" hair products.)

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