Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Friends of mine have gone to LondonCon and I am jealous - however, I didn't really pick this because of that, I picked it because it was an untried that was still sitting out.
This is an uncropped iPhone picture, which is rare. I don't normally play with the color on my pictures, but I do crop a whole lot. This one seemed fine without it.

This is Zoya London (Pixie Dust), two coats topped with two coats of NYC matte top coat - and Zoya Get Even as a base. I made a big mess of it - you can see one spot where it got marred here, and my right thumb is worse. So I may have something else by tomorrow. I think it took longer to dry than I was willing to give it, at the time. (There's a lesson there.)

two additional things: (1) I failed to comment on my terrible (or rather nonexistent) cleanup job, although that really isn't necessary since you can see it perfectly well if you look close, and (2) I have new purchases coming. I bought a new RBL glitter from the presale, and also some odds and ends from Llarowe.

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