Friday, January 24, 2014

A small case of indie-mania

This was not what I was intending to put up next, but here it is, just the same: the indie component of my stash. I am sort of a latecomer on indies so it's a fairly small collection!
L-R starting with the top row: Colors by Llarowe Montana Sky, Paint Box Polish Slightly Unstable, Dollish Polish Walker Bait, Dollish Deadly Nightshade mini
2nd row: Pipe Dream Polish In Through the Out Door, Pahlish holiday duo of Boughs of Holly and Yuletide Treasure, Nail Pattern Boldness Elderberry
3rd row is all Nostalgic Nail Lacquer: As If!, Girls on Film, F*ck and Run, Rid of Me, and Patricia
Bottom row is all minis: Pipe Dream Polish Believe in Believing; Chirality Convergence, The Symbiote, and Kale; Dollish Redrum and They're Here! (actually I think "here" is spelled with extra e's in it, but anyway)

Let's see, I've talked about most of these at one time or another since I've had this blog, so I'll try to dig out links. Montana Sky is a blue jelly with scattered glitter - and I don't seem to have gotten a picture of it so here's somebody else's. Slightly Unstable is the Bellatrix polish in a Women of Harry Potter series - it's so LE that at the time I ordered it, I believe the Etsy shop had a note up saying that this polish required special ingredients, and she wasn't ordering them until she reached a certain threshold of orders for it (and if not we'd get our money back, of course). Obviously she got there. (Here's both Slightly Unstable and Elderberry, in one entry, and this entry has a picture of SU again, at the very bottom, with Yuletide Treasures on top of it. Also note that somewhere near that picture is a link to a coupon code that should still be valid, at least if it's still January when you're reading this!)

You can see that I have lots of minis on the indie polishes. It makes sense to me since they're slightly higher than my normal price-range, in general ($10 seems to be about the average price for a full-size indie polish), and also because I so rarely use up anything nowadays. (Back when I had maybe a dozen polishes total, it was different.) So the only Dollish full-size bottle I have is Walker Bait, and I believe that a mini wasn't available for it, although I could be wrong. Walker Bait, if you don't know, was only available in a certain time-frame - you had to order it before the Walking Dead premiere back in October. It's an olive holo, and gorgeous.

All the rest of the Dollish Polishes were Halloween polishes. (Ooh, Dollish has some cute Valentine polishes. I should never let myself look at these websites!) I didn't write down what collection Deadly Nightshade came from, but I'm pretty sure that that name is a callout to Tim Burton, wouldn't you think? (Aha, it's "This is Halloween" so I'd say that's a big yes.) The two on the bottom row were both part of a horror-movie-themed "Halloween Frights" collection. Anyway, Deadly Nightshade, as you've already seen if you followed those links, is a mixed-size purple glitter. I actually wore it over green at Halloween, an idea I got from somebody's else blog (and I don't remember whose, unfortunately!) - it was a good idea, whoever it came from, and it looked really cute. Unfortunately I have no photographic evidence that I can find. I do have a bad picture of They're Heeere. It's much prettier than that, though. And I have not worn Redrum, still (how did I let that happen?) but it apparently is the polish that kept popping up on my nail wheels - at least two different ones - that I couldn't identify. Apparently with one coat, it looks pink (it's #11, there). But it doesn't look pink at all in the bottle. I will probably rectify that's still untried very soon - I am sort of saving up everything pink and red that I own for a big orgy of Valentine-color-scheme manicures between now and V-day. I have kind of been out of the mood for both but maybe I am ready for them again.

I've talked about the Pahlish duo ad nauseum in the last month so I'm not going to repeat that. Here's one of several entries about it. I also have a couple of brand-new ones that I haven't worn yet, and that obviously didn't make it in to the picture. So you'll be hearing more about Pahlish. (Also, dammit, Forest of the Dead is back in stock. I'm repeating to myself: I DO NOT NEED ANY MORE GREEN POLISH.)

Hmm, I apparently have so much to say about indies that this is getting awfully long. Maybe I'll do a part 2! (To be continued, since I'm sure I have quite a bit to say about Nostalgic and Chirality and NPB, too. - And Pipe Dream, since I don't seem to have said anything about them, either!)

(NOTE: You may have seen part 2 for a while this morning, but it was just a list and that is not what I intended to put up, so I un-published it again and it will be back tomorrow.)

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