Tuesday, May 12, 2015

NOTD: Pretty Gritty

I've got a touch of lobster-hands going on in this picture, but at least you can see the shimmer in this polish:
This is Rescue Beauty + Refinery 29 Pretty Gritty, and here's RBL's description of it. I think "dusty purple with a lot of gold shimmer" would be basically correct. It seems to me to be dustier than this picture shows, really. Anyway, I love it.

(I intended to add bottle pictures of both the RBLs I got, but the sunlight persists in staying away, so that's coming later.)

I've been trying to remember to do a "details" section on my nail-of-the-day posts, but this was almost a week ago and I've forgotten what I used for basecoat and topcoat, for sure. I'm pretty sure I'm remembering correctly when I say that two coats was plenty, though.

(What I'm wearing now: Black Metal Dahlia with Travel In Colour on top, which as usual just made it slightly pinker. I'm probably going to do BMD on its own, next.)

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