Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Stash: assorted shimmers & metallics

The next installment of shimmery stuff:
top row:
  • Blue It (Xtreme Wear) - dark blue, in that shiny-shimmery formula that a bunch of the older Xtreme Wear colors have. I looked at Sally Hansen's website and most of the colors I'm thinking of seem to be discontinued now, which isn't particularly surprising - there's something subtly old-fashioned about these. But it's pretty, anyway.
  • Black And Blue (Complete Salon Manicure) - this name only makes sense to me if I think of it as "blackened blue" although it's really more of a teal. (Lacqlustre says at the link that it has a purple shift, but I have to admit I haven't been able to see it. Maybe I need to get it out in another light and look again.)
  • Quirky Smile (Misa) - I bought my first Misa polishes recently, and I made sure to include this one in my order because I'd heard so many people say they loved it. It's beautiful, and I also so far love Misa's formula. It looks much bluer in this picture than Black And Blue, next to it, but it's still very much a teal. 
  • (just below those) Slate (RGB) - a beautiful slate-gray with a lot of multicolor shimmer.
middle row:
  • Flagstone Rush (Orly) - one of those metallics Orly does so well - this one is sort of orange-brown. I've worn this a lot; it's surprisingly flattering on me. I would have thought this was too warm-toned for me.
  • Rich In Heart (Sinful Colors) - this is more the kind of brown I am unsurprised looks good on me - darker and cooler. Apparently (see the link) it's a dupe for OPI Midnight In Moscow.
  • Kaufda (Zoya) - I decided at one point that I needed a Zoya copper, and I decided from their descriptions that this might be more flattering on me than, say, Zoya Penny. And I have liked it and worn it a lot, although I've never gotten around to trying Penny or any of the other Zoya choices to compare. You can see in the swatches at the link that it's more reddish, though.
  • Steely Gaze (Hard As Nails) - another gunmetal sort of gray, in the same ballpark as Slate, above. (It doesn't have the sort of multichrome effect that Slate does, so it's less interesting but also much, much cheaper.)
  • (upside down) Gray's Anatomy (WnW Fast Dry, I think, although these labels are almost always illegible after a while) - a dupe for Lippmann Wicked Game, apparently, which appears to be almost identically sheer and multichrome. I haven't tried out Wicked Game, but it definitely looks the same in Scrangie's pictures. I like Gray's Anatomy a lot, though. (I think Peace Love and OPI is also similar, although Gray's Anatomy is maybe somewhat paler.)
bottom row:
  • Just Be-Claws (China Glaze) - super-shimmery cherry red, very pretty (S&L swatches)
  • An Affair in Red Square (OPI) - I'm well into my second bottle of this, although I haven't worn it in a while. Blue-toned red, maybe not as shimmery as the one above, but still gorgeous just the same.
  • I'm Not Really A Waitress (OPI) - I've been hearing about this color for years, but had never bought it, and lo and behold, somebody gave it to me for Christmas last year. Unfortunately I'm suffering from a bit of red overload and haven't tried it yet. This is from a 1999 collection and is still in production, which tells you something right there. It's slightly deeper and has burgundy undertones, as I see it.
  • Bet On Red (Milani) - another slightly-darker, shimmer-filled red. This one is beautiful, too.

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