Wednesday, May 20, 2015

NOTD: Zoya Neeka

We've had rain, rain, rain, as I've probably mentioned before, and the few times the sun's peeked out I seemed to have had other things to do, so no pictures are forthcoming with the good camera. The current mani is problematic but I'm going to give you iPhone pictures of it anyway:
This is Zoya Neeka, and I put this on this afternoon. I did it a little hurriedly, which might be part of the problem, but I did basecoat and two coats of Neeka (with some dry-time between) and SV on top, and I really don't see any reason why it should be this much of a mess after only 8 hours or so. The chipping is worse than I would expect for that fresh of a mani, but it's the bald spots that are annoying me even more. They are on a couple of fingers on the other hand, too. I just expect better than this from Zoya. (The color is really pretty, though. This comparison with Lotus - which I don't think I've seen before - is instructive. Think of this as Lotus' darker, showier cousin.)

(Hmm, I've never had those problems with Zoya and SV that people talk about, but I'm hesitant to blame the bald spots on SV. Just in case, though, I'mna try to remember to try this again with a different topcoat and see if I get different results.)

Anyway, there haven't been any other NOTD posts this past week because I ended up with TinC over my previous Black Metal Dahlia mani again, and I wore that all weekend, right up to this morning.

I have not one but TWO Ipsy bags (April and May) that I'm trying to remember to take pictures of, so if the sun will come out again that may be the next entry I get up. And I guess next on the priority list after that is the rest of the stash, since I'm so close to being done. I have been really good with the nail polish budget after that flurry of purchases in April, so I don't have anything new to show. I feel like I've done my penance for the RBLs now - it's been almost a month - and in a couple more weeks maybe I can think about buying something. Honestly, I have so much nail polish now that it gets easier and easier to resist. (I'm sorry, nail polish companies. I seem to be in overload mode.)

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