Sunday, July 26, 2015

Pretty Serious haul

I don't really use the term "haul" a whole lot because I don't often go hog-wild. And I don't know if 5 bottles really quite constitutes "hog-wild" either, but well, from my point of view, it's wild enough. So I better enjoy these, because I can't buy anything else for a good while. (If I adhere strictly to my $5-a-week budget, I won't be buying anything else until sometime in September, in fact.)

Pretty Serious has released two new collections lately, both of them add-ons to previous collections (Museum of Naileontology and Stop Collaborate & Listen) - I have here one from each of those collections, plus several other assorted polishes. I'd bought polishes from them previously, but never this much at one time, so I got a nice big box full of polish:

And here's the unboxed contents:
left to right: Fire In The Sky, Kashmir, Poltergeist Puddle, Ichi Hanami, Daphne's Disco Party

There's a wheel picture at the bottom of this entry, too.

The Museum of Naileontology descriptions are always entertaining, and they could possibly disappear at some point in the future if the polishes get discontinued, so I'm copying and pasting this one here, for the record. (Actually I may do this for all of them, come to think of it. The quotations are in bold print.) (Also, I've added S&L swatches if I found them because her swatches are just the best!)

Fire In The Sky (here's Christine's pictures, because they're really good)
Introducing the Opal Treasure Flake Top Coat collection from Pretty Serious. Stunning, iridescent opal flakies, swimming in a high quality, super shiny top coat formula. Fire In The Sky is an eruption of glittering red and orange opal flakes, shifting all the way to golden.

Because apparently I can never have enough flakies.

Ichi Hanami (Museum of Naileontology collection)
[ee-chee hah-nah-mee]
The practice of Hanami is a Japanese tradition that is many centuries old. It is a celebration centered around elaborate viewings of their much respected cherry blossoms (sakura) during their first blooms of the season. The cherry blossoms are sacred since they are considered to carry the souls of the mountain gods down to the humans. The people began to transplant the trees from the mountains down to the villages and around their rice paddies so that the mountain deity could travel down on the petals of the falling blossoms and bless their crops. It is on this original visit, the first Hanami, that the deity announced its presence to the Emperor in the form of a glowing cherry blossom that never dims. Lost to theives over the decades, our Naileontologists have discovered it's whereabouts and returned it for all to enjoy in our Museum of Naileontology. You can continue to enjoy it as you pick up your own glowing replica from our gift store! (Swatch & Learn)

Color-wise, this reminds me of Hard Candy Scam - the version of it I have, anyway, because I believe there are two. But it's not a glitter, it's a heavy shimmer instead.

Kashmir (from the latest Collaborate trio - dreamed up by Christine of Serenity Nails, and here's her post about it)
This is a dark red-violet jelly packed with both glass flecks and flakies. Christine says, "Kashmir is one hundred percent secret sauce," and that seems about right. (Incidentally, "Kashmir" is hands-down my favorite Led Zeppelin song, but that's not really why I bought it.)

Daphne's Disco Party (from an ongoing series of "Daphne" polishes - she is the girl on the Pretty Serious boxes and blog header!)
When the mirror ball drops, Daphne cracks out the crop tops! And what better way to get down and right back up again than with a matte neon glitter bomb that explodes all over the dance floor like the electric boogaloo! But even that isn't enough razzle dazzle for an 80's loving girl like our Daph, so we've added some pink iridescent glass flecks to really make it sizzle. (More swatches from Swatch & Learn)

Because I don't have enough matte glitters. Seriously, I don't.

Poltergeist Puddle (from a Halloween past, naturally)
Poltergeist Puddle is an intense blurple shimmer with a pink flash and a slight golden duochrome. The ethereal entry in the Monster Mash collection is a purple with an almost out-of-body glimmer and a spectral shimmer! (Swatch photo courtesy of The Polish Haven)

Honestly, I really started out to buy Purple Monkey Dishwasher, here, because it's still available and that name has always cracked me up. But when I went and started pulling up people's swatches, I ended up with the one above instead. Because, y'know, shimmer! duochrome! and still purple!

I put all these on a wheel, and man, three of them (that would be the three that aren't top-coats, right?) are really near to being one-coaters. I would think two coats at most would do it. And I deliberately did thick coats of Daphne's Disco Party on the upper part of that nail, but this is only two of those, so for this type of glitter, that's good coverage as well. I really only did this to see what would happen - I think if you were totally committed to getting it opaque, maybe you could, but it's certainly not what I really intend to do with it.

(I think you can probably figure out which is which, by this point, but for the record, L-R, this is Ichi, Poltergeist, Kashmir, Fire, and Daphne - over Black Creme for the last two.) As I said, this is two coats on the last one, but only one on all the others.

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