Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Gifts, Sephora Play, & haircare empties

FYI: I made a page for Sephora Play, but it doesn't show up anywhere so I wanted a pointer somewhere. Right now that same information is all findable through the Play! by Sephora page, except that they don't make it too easy to find. (If that link doesn't work, try doing a search on Sephora's website.) I suspect making sure they have enough of the same 6 items for every subscriber is sort of a nightmare, and that's why they're rolling it out so slowly.)

Here's what was in December's Sephora Play box - but I don't have pictures since I gave literally half of it away and didn't think to take pictures before I did that. (But here's the picture from Sephora's website!)

Oh what fun!
Sephora Play 04 - December 2015
  • Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes (eyeliner) in Matte Black
  • Dr Brandt Skincare Poredermabrasion
  • Smashbox Full Exposure Eye Shadow Duo
  • Fresh Seaberry Moisturizing Face Oil
  • Nude Skincare Advanced Renewal Serum (packet of 7 - presumably a week's supply!)
  • Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb sample
I gave away the first three and kept the second three. I have tons of eyeliner and shadow already, I don't have any interest in "poredermabrasion" (and in fact I'm super-cautious these days about getting anything abrasive anywhere near the very sensitive skin of my face). The Smashbox shadows were pretty but I decided to let somebody else be pleased with them.

For Christmas, I gave away six sets of makeup and beauty products (four to relatives and two to co-workers), and I tried to make sure each set had at least one extra-nice item - the Smashbox duo became one of those. Other "hero" items were from other Ipsy bags & Sephora boxes, as well as a few things I'd bought separately: Tarte bronzer, Buxom lip creamGlamglow cleanser, a Nest hand creme and a rollerball, and in one case a red Pretty Serious polish. And then I filled in with all the other stuff I had - which was a lot. Everybody got five items or more. I used the four Sephora Play boxes I've gotten as gift boxes, and tied them up with ribbon. I used a Ipsy bag for one where the items were all small, and and for the remaining one I used just a small Sephora shopping bag. I knew pretty much everybody I was giving these to would like this stuff but wow, it went over well, even more than I thought. Everybody loved it.

(If you're wondering, the male people I give gifts to almost all got something Star-Wars-related. My husband had told me some things he wanted besides that, movies etc. I got nail polish and some Star Wars items, myself - the best of both worlds. Oh and that Boscia black cleanser, yay!)

Switching gears, I took a picture of some hair items I was throwing away. My hair has changed so much that I just don't use the same hair products I used to use. These are both John Frieda products that I've had for a long time - several years, I bet. And they're both perfectly good products, but I used to have really limp hair and it was always colored (for the last 15 years or so, since it first started having a noticeable amount of gray). Now that my hair is a much larger percentage of gray, it has a lot more texture and oddly I haven't been coloring it much - or not with permanent color, anyway. So I don't really need the color sealer. I suppose the "shine" products would still be fine, but I'm really more into products that moisturize and de-frizz and stuff like that. Probably eventually I'll start coloring it again when I figure out what to use. It's still got a good bit of dark color to it but it's also got a lot of a sort of iron-gray to it. It doesn't look terrible, so I'm just leaving it alone for the moment, while I experiment around with what to do with this whole new texture!

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