Wednesday, November 11, 2015

NOTD: Elliot & Cinnamon & a lot of layers

I hope the title here doesn't lead you to think I was wearing Elliot & Cinnamon together, because I can't see doing that apart from maybe some nail art purposes. Bright cyan blue with dark brown? No.

I don't have a picture of Elliot, but here's Cinnamon:
I put on 2 coats of Cinnamon first and wore that for a day or so, and then I was playing around and I tried a coat of Travel In Colour on top of it (because layering is just what I do), and it was pretty, too but it wasn't really brown any more, it was was purplish. So I wore that for a while and then I put another coat of Cinnamon on top. And it's just a little bit messy, but it's really so pretty. I think it's my favorite brown ever.

Elliott is a bright cyan blue with tons of shimmer, and it's gorgeous. And again, I wore this for a couple of days and then I decided to play with it. I was going to put Daphne's Disco Party on top of it, but I never did that. Instead I put Bubblegum Punk on top of it, which was also beautiful, but was somehow different in a way that I find it hard to define. It was the same basic color, but... toned-down, slightly? Bubblegum Punk in this case read as a shimmer that was different than the shimmer that was already in Elliot. Or something. And then after that I looked at Square Hue Idol, from the new 2000s collection, and it's, like silver tinsel, and it's great, and so I put it on just the tips. And this was also really beautiful, but by the time I did that, it looked totally like a holiday polish. In a month hopefully I'll remember to try this one again, and it'll be perfect.

I'll have pictures of the Square Hue polishes and several other new things, coming up. After some more rainy days, the sun finally came out and I got pictures, although of course they're with the iPhone since the Canon just will not cooperate. (I didn't realize how much I would miss my poor old Canon.)

Something I forgot to say in the last post (although that seems like ages ago now!) was that I did my eyes for Halloween on the Friday night - I didn't do a full costume but I had a witch's hat and a black top, at least, and I wanted to do something to my eyes but I had very little time. I ended up just using a Bellapierre black gel eyeliner pencil, which went on very thick, and I just did a "goth girl" sort of thing with heavy, heavy lines around my eyes. It did well, especially considered how thick I poured it on. I managed to smear it a bit during the evening, but it really didn't look like raccoon eyes by the end, and that's about all you can ask.

(No, there are not pictures. I didn't even think of it at the time. I am not particularly photogenic and terribly self-conscious besides, so I am just not a selfie kind of girl.)

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