Saturday, November 14, 2015

Empties, hair products edition

I've been sort of assuming that anybody who reads blogs is going to know what I mean by "empties" - but then it occurred to me that it's a YouTube term, mostly (at least that's mostly where I've seen it), and well, not everybody hangs out there. Anyway, I think it's relatively self-evident - but in case it's not as much so as I think, the idea is just that you show & discuss products you've used up, before you throw the bottles away. I do think there's something to this, in the sense that these tend to be the products you're actually using the most, right?

So here are some hair products I've used up:
  • fantasticstyle volumizing spray - this is from the chain Fantastic Sam's, which is where I've gotten my hair cut for many years. It's not trendy but they get the job done. And as far as I can tell their hair products are quite good; I've also gone through a couple of large bottles of their shampoo over the years. I won't be buying any more volumizing spray, but that's because my hair has changed and I just don't need volumizing spray any more, since my hair has plenty of volume on its own these days. This is actually several years old, so while I did use this up, it took me a while. I guess this is more or less the current version of this product. 
  • Not Your Mother's Clean Freak dry shampoo - I know I've mentioned before that I've been trying out various dry shampoos, and I have yet to find my holy grail in this category. Clean Freak works just fine, but I found that I went through this can incredibly fast. It's not super-expensive, but it's not exactly super-cheap, either (it's $7, according to that link, which I would consider a good value if it had lasted longer). I'm undecided about whether to give this another try, although I may.
  • Infusium23 leave-in conditioner - I feel like everybody knows about this product, but then again you never know, and I certainly haven't seen anybody talking about it recently. Again, it's a drugstore product, it's been around for years, and it's not sexy, in the sense of being a trendy brand, but who cares. I went out and got a new bottle of this right away. I don't use it every time I shampoo, but I use it a lot, and this bottle still lasted me a couple of years. (Also, I couldn't even have told you that I had bought the Moisture Replenishing formula last time, but it does say that on the bottom of the bottle, and that's what I bought again. Apparently it comes in several formulas - which I didn't even realize before.) I never thought about it until now, but actually I would characterize this as a Holy Grail kind of product, in this case - it's inexpensive and it just works.
(I'm not sure who originated "holy grail" in this sense, but personally, I'm pretty sure I learned it from Nouveau Cheap.)

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