Sunday, August 14, 2016

Viridian, Boughs of Holly

This is Illamasqua Viridian and Pahlish Boughs Of Holly:
Both of these are part of holiday duos - I started to say "coincidentally" but when I started thinking about the seasonal part of it I decided it wasn't coincidental at all. (The other halves of the two pairs were Illamasqua Glitterati, a glittery red, and Pahlish Yuletide Treasure, a multicolor glitter.) These are both meant to be tree-greens, presumably. You notice they're not nearly the same color - it's that kind of thing that makes me go off on minor rants from time to time about the difference between blue-green and green. Here, I would say that Viridian is blue-green, where Boughs of Holly is more of a true green (and is maybe has some yellow-green highlights to it at that). If you look at winter greenery, some of it is actually a bit on the blue side (there's a reason they call it "blue spruce," after all) and many forest greens are slightly or not-so-slightly blue-leaning as well. Viridian is actually a color-name, and Wikipedia has helpful little swatches. I don't think this Viridian is exactly the same as that viridian but, hey, it's in the ballpark. Viridian-the-polish seems more grayed-out.

Both of these were more-or-less LE polishes, although the Illamasqua duo was around for a lot longer and so might be more likely to be findable if you were determined. When I talked about Glitterati back in April I noted that it was still listed on their website, although it also said it was sold out. The Pahlish duo was a one-month thing and so is more genuinely hard to find, I imagine. (The other half of that duo is shown here.)

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