Tuesday, August 23, 2016

This Is Tree-mendous

This is China Glaze This Is Tree-mendous:
This is another opaque packed microglitter - there were several of those in this set. (Put A Bow On It was one and I think there was also a blue one.) They do take at least a couple of coats to get opaque - it looks like this is two coats, on my wheel - but it's doable. They come out pretty textured so you can either leave them that way or you can get out your Glitter Food or your Gelous and prepare to feed the glitter. (I'm being flip but they do look awesome with top-coat.) You can see that it's a slightly paler green than your average Christmas green (and it looks like it may have some gold in it but I won't swear to that) but it's really pretty on the nail. I like all three of these a lot even if they are kind of a pain to get on and off.

This is another one of those polishes (13 of them in all!) that I got from a blog giveaway sponsored by China Glaze. They were a past holiday collection so to my knowledge these aren't available any more.

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