Thursday, August 18, 2016

Small Dim Summer Stars, Two-Timer Stars

This is Rescue Beauty Lounge Small Dim Summer Stars and Maybelline Express Finish Two-Timer Stars:
Let's start right off by saying neither of these are going to be things you can necessarily find very easily. Maybelline quit making polish in these bottles at least five years or so ago, I think, so that one might be the harder-to-find one of the two. RBL is out of business but they've been out of business for less than a year so it might be possible to find those around. The other thing here (besides the "star" theme in the polish names which is completely coincidental as far as I know) is that you might look at these two bottles and say "I thought you were showing greens" and I wouldn't really blame you for thinking they aren't green. Actually I think one is green and one isn't, but it might not be the one you think. The darker one of the two looks pretty green on the nail but I think the base is actually black or at least charcoal. It has various colors of glitter, but the green does seem to predominate, at least on my sample nail here. So that's the one that I'd say is not a true green - it's here because it looks green in some lights, although not so much in others. Two-Timer Stars, on the other hand, is actually green, in my opinion, although admittedly it's so pale it's hard to tell. It's really what I would consider a top-coat - you're never going to get this opaque with any reasonable number of coats.

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