Tuesday, August 16, 2016

N-Evergreen, Chupacabra

These are two mini-size polishes, Ulta N-Evergreen and Mod Polish Chupacabra:
N-Evergreen is from a "Wicked Wonderland" set some years ago (that's why it's Nevergreen instead of Evergreen, see) and it's just another slightly blue-leaning forest green glitter. I'm not sure if Chupacabra was actually a Halloween polish or not, at this late date, but it's unlike anything else I have - I think that it's more of an olive-green base but the glitter is more of a forest green. That's as near as I can figure out, anyway. It's just some kind of hella-cool unconventional glitter mix. Halloween is usually when you can find these things so snap 'em up when you see them. (I found a couple of sets of swatches of these and they basically agree that it's brighter green glitter in a black jelly base. Those are here and here. The latter one says the collection was called Cryptid, and that does sound familiar. It also seems to imply a Halloween collection - because "crypt" right? but still not 100% sure about that.) I don't think either of these are likely to be available any more, in any case. I have Mod Lacquer on my indies page but it looks like that link doesn't go anywhere any more.

(Oh, and the cap of the Ulta polish looks so weird because it was sticky and I was so frustrated with it that I actually took some random older polish and polished the cap so it wouldn't be sticky any more. It doesn't look pretty but it helped.)

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