Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Sweet Peacock, So Blue Without You

This is Orly Sweet Peacock and China Glaze So Blue Without You:
You may remember that I said I was missing some pictures of my blue polishes. I never found the pictures, but I had the wheel and I found the polishes, except for one (Apple Berry Smoothie is the one that is still MIA). Anyway, this is the metallic contingent of the lost-then-found polishes. You can see that Sweet Peacock is the darker of the two - and it almost looks like it has a little bit of violet flash to it! (It's possible that I'm imagining that.) I would say that Sweet Peacock is my favorite of the two, if I was forced to choose, but hey, they're both pretty and shiny and pretty much exactly what you want from a metallic, generally.

(Note: There are more Sweet Peacock swatches over here.)

I was all prepared to tell you that So Blue Without You might be harder to find of the two, since it's a holiday polish from several years ago. However, it turns out that both of these polishes are current, according to their respective websites. Good metallic blues are a popular thing, I guess. Links: OrlyChina Glaze

(Disclaimer: I was given the China Glaze polish as a promo.)

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