Thursday, July 7, 2016

The Angels Have The Phone Box

Here is Dollish Polish The Angels Have The Phone Box (a mini):
So, most people who know anything about Doctor Who at all know about the blue phone box, and this is a pretty good approximation of that color, usually known as Tardis blue. (Maybe really a bit too bright, but close.) This was from Dollish's Ultimate Fandom collection, and you may have seen that link before, because I have a huge set of these minis, the whole collection of 12 or 13. This one is my favorite, I think - or at least it's the only one where I felt it was necessary to buy a backup mini so I'd have a whole bottle's worth. This is a scattered holo but I don't really care about that. I just like the color.

I'm pretty sure this isn't available any more but you should be able to find something similar, what with all the holos that are around these days.

(Note that this was in my 2014 favorites.)

Added: The link above is dead so here's one of the pictures from Accio Lacquer, for reference:

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