Friday, July 8, 2016

NOTD: Aurora Borealis

I showed this polish (from Lucky 13) in the summer sunlight a couple of days ago, and it was kind of blinding, so I said I would try again with a picture not taken in the bright Texas summer light. (We had a cool spring by our standards, but we're in full-on summer mode now.)
This is a mix of colors - what I saw when I was putting it on was mostly orchid or fuchsia (hard to be sure which) and green, but I think it also has copper and maybe blue and gold. If you don't look at it closely it mostly reads as a sort of bronze color which shimmers around to other colors. As I mentioned, this is four coats, because I didn't put an undercoat under it. Mostly when I've worn it I've done green underneath, or something else that picks up these colors and doesn't require so many coats!

Here's the sunlight one, again - you can see that it's got much more of a shiny-metallic look to it, here, and it's harder to see the other colors in the mix.

Aurora Borealis was a limited edition polish and thus probably not something you can get your hands on easily. But there are so many of these flakies around now that you can probably find something similar.

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