Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Nail Junkie, Maisie

This is Sinful Colors Nail Junkie and Zoya Maisie:
Every time I talk about Nail Junkie, I say, "It's supposed to be a dupe of... something" - although I've done this enough times that I do actually remember for sure now what the something was - it's China Glaze Atlantis, which I have seen swatches of but never actually seen in person that I know of. The swatchers usually conclude that they are not actually dupes, anyway, because one is more green than the other and the glitters aren't really that similar up close, either. But they do apparently look pretty similar on the nail. In any case, I don't know from Atlantis other than hearing it talked about, but I know that Nail Junkie is really beautiful. It is also quite sheer, so take that into consideration. If you put it on without undies, you will probably want many coats of it. It is a current SC color, I just checked.

If you were really looking closely at my swatches, you might have noticed a very messy looking swatch underneath the ones that I was talking about previously. That was the original Nail Junkie swatch, which I proceeded to put my finger into while it was still wet, which is why it was such a mess. I took these pictures a while back, and I was very relieved to see that I did re-swatch Nail Junkie - I couldn't quite remember. The one above looks much better.

And then there's Maisie, which is the one above Nail Junkie that you can barely see. It's long discontinued and I don't know offhand of a dupe for it, although I wouldn't be surprised to find out that there's one out there. It's from the Zoya flakie set, Fleck Effects, and it's not meant to be worn on its own, obviously. (There are some pretty awesome combinations in this post.) These came out in 2012 and were a big hit - so I thought, anyway - but then Zoya discontinued them and Sally Hansen discontinued Hidden Treasures and there were a couple of years when flakies were hard to find again before they came roaring back in the last year or so. The new ones are mostly thicker color-shifting formulas and the ingredients must be hard to find and/or relatively expensive (I'm guessing maybe they are both of those things) because they tend to come out in limited editions and come and go. I have seen newer sheer ones but not in this colorway. I honestly have never worn this one a whole lot because I was too busy wearing the other one I had, Chloe, instead. I need to pay more attention to this apparently-unusual polish I have in my collection and appreciate it more!

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