Sunday, July 10, 2016

Live Long & Prosper, Ice Hotel In Hell

This is Dollish Polish Live Long & Prosper (another mini) and Liquid Lacquer Ice Hotel, In Hell:
Neither of these are things you can get any more but you can probably find things like these - pale blue jelly bases with glitters of various sorts. Their glitter mixes are very different but in my nail swatches you're mostly seeing the base and little bits of glitter. Ice Hotel In Hell has coppery bits and large disks in a couple of different colors as well as a mix of smaller pieces; LL&P has silvery bits and little blue ones, and stars. You can tell that I didn't go fishing very hard for the big pieces when I was doing these swatches. This is two coats of each, with no dabbing. I found a Pinterest picture of IHIH which has to be many, many coats to look that thick. And then LL&P is another Ultimate Fandom polish so I will link to that same set of swatches I always link to for that collection.

I think pretty much everybody knows the phrase "Live long and prosper" even if you know nothing at all about Star Trek. What I was wondering was if "Ice Hotel, In Hell" refers to anything in particular. (I know that ice hotels do exist, but Google didn't find me anything for that particular phrase other than this polish. My own previous comments on this polish via Google+ show up down at the bottom of the first Google page, I found when I scrolled further down.) I guess it could be a phrase that referred to something that wouldn't last long, right? But I've never actually heard it anywhere else.

The timing on this is entirely coincidental, but I saw a commercial tonight for the new Star Trek movie, which is apparently out in a week or so - not this coming weekend, but the one after. I hope this one is more like the first of the J.J.Abrams Star Trek movies than the second, because I really liked the first one a lot. (The second one was, well, not as good.)

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