Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Black and Blue

This SH Complete Salon Manicure Black and Blue:
I think it's basically a blue in a black base - a blackened blue, hence the name. At least, that's the most sense I've ever been able to make out of it. I guess you could make a case that it's sort of a bruise-like color, but ugh. I'd rather think of it my way. It's actually really pretty, in its odd way.

(I said I was just going to post reds, but since I'm still mostly posting twice a day, I'll do a red polish once a day and alternate it with something else. The red will show up around noon Eastern time and the non-red one will show up overnight. The pictures I've got now will last for a week or so at that rate - then I think I'll take a break from two-a-day posts at least until January. I'm not done with this project yet but I'll slow down for the holidays and restart after that!)

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