Monday, December 26, 2016

Fire Fly

This is Jesse's Girl Fire Fly:
The swatch is over black. You can see that over the black, anyway, it reads as green. I mostly remember that I really loved this when I first got it, but I followed it up by buying a bunch of other similar polishes (RBL Bubblegum Punk comes to mind) and I may have already had some too (Jin Soon Gossamer, I think) and so I've never really worn this a lot. But when I've swatched it with these seemingly-similar polishes, they all look different, in fact. They may all look whitish in the bottle but none of them are dupes that I've been able to find. (I'm just starting to get to the sheers in my collection, so I'll try to do something methodical with them at some point to demonstrate.) My guess about what's actually going on in this bottle is that this is a very fine-milled flakie. But that's just a guess, I can't swear to it.

Unless I missed something, this is not a current polish.

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