Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Gray By Gray

This is SH Complete Salon Manicure Gray By Gray:
It's a darker, blue-leaning gray, but I'd still classify it as a gray. I've seen it called a "denim" color and I don't really agree. Maybe it looks more denim-ish in certain lights. I don't think I'd bother with this if it was a pure gray, though. The blue-tones are what make it interesting.

This is the last gray I have in my retakes file, so I'm going to have to go on to something else - I guess since it's practically the middle of December, I might as well go to reds. Those are something that many people will wear a lot between now and Christmas. (I don't know if I will, though. I'm probably going to wear Merida next. After that maybe I'll consider it. I really don't wear red a lot any more - I think partly because I don't usually change my polish that often any more and I can't ever get reds to last anything resembling a whole week.)

Availability: doesn't seem to be a current color. Those are here and I don't see it listed. Also, I was mentioning the other day that the new Sally Hansen Color Therapy line seems to also use these bottles - of course they're all labeled, anyway, but you can also tell the three lines that use this bottle apart by the cap color: silver for CSM, black for Miracle Gel, and a sort of beige color for Color Therapy.

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