Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Assorted displays

I don't remember to go around taking display pictures much, but I did think to take a few at the grocery store lately, and then a few more at Walgreen's.

First of all, Walgreen's had a whole display of Wet n Wild gift sets, and since I was looking at the 1 Step Wonder Gel just lately I especially noticed this set:
These aren't colors that excite me too much, so I wasn't really tempted, but since these polishes are normally $4.99, 4 for $10 is a good deal. (I also think the little brush sets down below that look cute.)

Also at Walgreen's, there's a Sinful Colors display that seems to be new colors for 2017:
The ones I picked up were not colors that I recognized, so these may truly be new. I almost bought the emerald-green one and then put it back. And the periwinkle-ish purple is also nice.

And one more from Walgreen's: the new Sally Hansen Color Therapy:
I assume this is meant to be sort of their NailKale, the healthy line. These come in the same bottles as CSM and Miracle Gel, although they have different caps, I think.

And then these last two came from H-E-B, the grocery store:
This display looked like it was left over from October (or maybe from Valentine's Day). It was sitting on top of the Wet n Wild section, you may can tell if you look close. H-E-B has been known to just pull old sets out of the back and put them out before, so who knows, it may have actually been from last Valentine's. Also I left this uncropped so you could see (a) the bowl of orange Wet n Wild polishes and (b) the general warehouse vibe of H-E-B stores. (There are a few that were remodeled from being other grocery stores, and they look different, but most of the ones I've been in in recent years look basically just like this one.)

The other thing that interested me that day was this whole big rack of silver OPI polishes:
I picked up a few to see what they were, and some were classics like Pirouette My Whistle and others were ones I'd never heard of before. It may be that somebody just went "Well, silver sells well at the holidays, let's see how many different silvers we have!" I've seen smaller racks of polish arranged by color before at this store, but never one this size. This took a lot of doing on somebody's part.

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