Monday, December 5, 2016

Twinkle Lights

This is Nine Zero Twinkle Lights:
Same deal as the last entry... This was a holiday polish from last year, but this polish is still available so I wanted to show it early enough that you could still get it if you happened to fall in love with it. (Which a lot of people did. There is also a gold version new for this year, called Golden Lights - and if you were feeling the late Halloween thing, there's also a version for that still available, which is Spooky Lights. It's now a series!) Jess' description of Twinkle Lights is as follows:
Twinkle Lights is a silver holographic with semi-transparent rainbow glitter.
(I'm thinking that "semi-transparent" means it's something like mylar, although I could be wrong - I'm certainly no expert on glitter. I'm imagining little colored flakies cut into glitter shapes.)

Pictured are my swatches that I did last year when I got this polish, and I remember that I did one, two, and three coats on the three nails you can see here. The swatch with three coats is at the top, here, and then two and one successively below that. I just wanted to get a good feel for how many you need. (I think three is probably best, but two might do. With one the silver doesn't really show up.)

(Again, when I say too many nice things about a brand, I always feel like I have to make a point of saying that this is not a sponsored post. I paid full retail price for this polish.)

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