Friday, December 2, 2016

NOTD: Hotel Particulier

I was being pretty snippy about Hotel Particulier when I showed it a week or so ago, but it turns out I do really like it.
If you enlarge these pictures you will be able to see a good bit of tipwear, but I had already had it on for a solid 48 hours before I took these pictures, so that's reasonable.
The way the bottle looks all metallic in these pictures doesn't bear much resemblance to the actual color on the nail (nor does the bottle picture that Lancome was showing on their website, which was the main thing I was being snippy about). On the nail it's sort of a purplish-brown microglitter - more brown than purple, though. It's very pretty, but then I'm already on the record as being a particularly big fan of browns this season, anyway.

For comparison, here's the picture I took before (and the only bottle picture I've seen or taken that looks anything at all like the polish):
And here's the picture on Lancome's website:
There's also an eyeshadow with the same name:
Both are currently available on Lancome's website. (They're probably LE, though, so don't expect them to stay indefinitely.)

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