Thursday, December 15, 2016

Just Be-Claws

This is China Glaze Just Be-Claws:
This polish is at the very bottom of my "red is red" post from earlier this year, where I said that many reds were hard to tell apart unless you were looking really close. If you scroll all the way to the bottom of that, you'll find this with three other red metallics. Knees Up, which I've already talked about again a couple of days ago, is the only one that I could really distinguish out of the four because it's more obviously a foil, The other three are OPI An Affair In Red Square, Milani Bet On Red, and this. In this picture the shimmer in Just Be-Claws looks slightly pink and it looks definitely (although just slightly) blue-toned. I suspect that all of these are blue-toned, since I know I look better in cool colors and the other two of these are polishes I loved and wore like crazy in the past. (I put An Affair In Red Square in the destash box, back after I wrote that original entry months ago - but I didn't actually get rid of it and eventually I couldn't stand it and I went and pulled it out of the destash box again. Why am I getting rid of the ones I actually like? even if I do have three just alike.)

Availability: as you might guess, this is a holiday polish - in fact it's from the big set that I got in a giveaway three years ago. It was LE - at least one polish from this set seems to have made it into the permanent collection, but not this one. I did see it on Amazon, though, if you really decide you need it. (It's not unique by any means, but it's still very pretty.)

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