Friday, December 30, 2016

2016 favorites, part 2

The first entry about my favorites from this past year showed discontinued polishes. Now we're on to ones that are still available. This is seven of the top 12, so there are five more after this. I'm pretty sure only two of this group were released in 2016 (Alice and Purple Fiction, both from fall collections). A couple more were 2015 releases (Verismo and the Color Club Oil Slicks) and the rest are older, I think.
L-R and top to bottom:
These are not in any particular order. I decided at one point that Alice and Purple Fiction were the top two of this bunch, but I like all of these a lot.

I went and looked at the company's own websites to verify availability for this group and the next, and that's what the links are.(Checked on 12/27/16)

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